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Supporting organisation :
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Embracing Sustainable Futures: Harnessing Innovation for a Resilient and Thriving Tomorrow

NEXXZERO,  previously called NEXXINSPIRE which is an initiative under NEXX, has always been committed to promote technology innovation for sustainability and grow the ecosystem. We believe that an effective end-to-end sustainability transformation could be accelerated, delivered and measured by implementing innovative strategies and solutions. 


NEXX is grateful and excited to announce the partnership with CItyU Global EMBA for a joint-promotion campaign of sustainability & innovation this year. The collaboration will facilitate the sharing among leaders in technology innovation commercial & NGOs spaces to create business value and social impact together. Furthermore, a unique sustainable community formed from various stakeholders will strengthen technology commercialisation through various corporations with topics covering ESG, Green Finance, Carbon Emission Reduction, Zero Waste and Up-cycling.


We hope to see you all to participate in the upcoming NEXX Social Leader Conference cum awards ceremony which will tentatively be held at CityU by Q2 of 2024. 

Six Categories :

1) Sustainability & ESG Strategy Award

recognizes outstanding companies that champion sustainable practices and provide guidance to organizations in their journey toward a more sustainable future.(e.g. Share Value program)

2) Sustainable Impact Investment Award

acknowledges companies that actively promote sustainable finance, incorporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, and contribute to shaping the future of impactful investments.

3) Diversity and Inclusive Award

recognizes companies and organisations that champion diversity, foster equity, and promote inclusivity in the workplace and community. It serves as recognition for their commitment to creating equitable and respectful environments.

4) ESG Innovation Project Award

acknowledges companies and organizations that go beyond traditional ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices. It celebrates their commitment to integrating innovative elements, particularly technology, into their sustainability initiatives (e.g. for the Environmental aspect - Smart Building. Carbon Footprint Reduction and Sustainable Supply Chain Management)

5) Community Education and Engagement Award

recognizes organizations and initiatives that actively engage with local communities through education, outreach, and collaborative efforts.

6) Circular Economy Award

recognizes companies that demonstrate excellence in implementing circular economy principles, promoting resource efficiency, and minimizing waste (e.g. Used clothes, food, plastics).

All applicants for the award categories above should be HK registered entities.

1.    Applicant Recruitment:
o    Start Date:April  7, 2024

o    Format of application : Open application and nomination
o    Deadline: June 28, 2024 (extended)
o    Details: During this period, interested applicants (enterprise and start-ups)  can either apply directly to submit  applications via the official website with other relevant info.


2.    Application Review and Judging:
o    Dates: End of June 
o    Process: A panel of industry experts will evaluate the applications based on criteria such as innovation and business impact.


3.    Result Announcement:
o    Date: Early July, 2024
o    Details: The winners of all categories will be publicly announced, recognizing their outstanding contributions to sustainability & ESG.

4.    Award Ceremony:
o    Date: 26th of July, 2024, 4:00pm - 7:00pm
o    Location: Lau Ming Wai Building, City University of Hong Kong
o    Highlights: Winners in various categories will be honored during the virtual award ceremony

Please email to for application form or enquiries.

Keynote & Award Presenter
Allen Zeman cir pic.png
Allan Zeman
Lan Kwai Fong Group
Welcome Remarks & Award Presenter
Michael Wong CityU EMBA.png
Prof. Michael Wong
 DeanGlobal Executive Programmes City University of Hong Kong
Panel Discussion at the ceremony
Paul pic cir HK Tramways.png
Felix chung cir.png
Wilson Kwong Hactl CE cir.png
Paul Tirvaudey
Managing Director
Hong Kong Tramways Limited
Wilson Kwong
Chief Executive
Prof. Felix Chung
Founder & CEO
Hong Kong Carbon Trading Centre
Judging Panel
Felix chung cir.png
Michael Wong CityU EMBA.png
Prof. Felix Chung
Founder & CEO
Hong Kong Carbon Trading Centre
Prof. Michael Wong
Assocaite Dean
Global Executive Programmes 
City University of Hong Kong
cir  Michelle Leung wo bg.png

Michelle Leung
Managing Director
Accenture, Growth Markets
Leo Lee cir.png
Leo Lee
ACCA Global
Chirs Long cir Citi.png
upscaled New hair Mann Yim profile pic .png

Chris Long

Managing Director and Head of Business Execution


Mann Yim
Leslie Chen pic cir.png
Prof. Leslie Chen JP
Ex-Dean Faculty of Design and Environment 
Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi)
Anges  Tse cir.png
Agnes Tse
Director, Art Whiskify
Ex-Senior Director, BCT Group
Alice Yip KPMG cir pic.png
Alice Yip
Partner, Head of
Consumer & Retail, Hong Kong
KPMG China
.....and more
Some of the previous awardees
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Past Award Presenter and Keynote Speaker
WOng kam-sing cir pic.png
Wong kam-sing GBS JP
Former-Secretary of Environment
Past Award Ceremony
Master Series 

We are honoured to have Wong kam-sing, former Secretary of The Environment as VIP guest for Ep 1 of Master series - NEXX x CityU Global EMBA 

Screenshot 2024-03-10 at 5.28.43 PM.png

Allen Zeman,  Chairman at lan Kwai Fong Group as VIP guests for Ep 2 of Master series - NEXX x CityU Global EMBA 

Screenshot 2024-03-10 at 5.29.14 PM.png

Stephen Wong, Head, Chief Executive's Policy Unit at HKSAR  as VIP guests for Ep 3 of Master series - NEXX x CityU Global EMBA 

Screenshot 2024-03-10 at 5.28.57 PM.png

Felix Chung, former member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong and Angie Chung, Deputy GM at Central Market as VIP guests for Ep 4 of Master series - NEXX x CityU Global EMBA 

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Screenshot 2022-06-13 at 1.46.06 PM.png
Art Tech + Sustainability Seminar at Central Market
Screenshot 2022-08-11 at 10.35.27 AM.png
Art Tech + Sustainability Workshop at Central Market
Screenshot 2022-08-12 at 1.16.35 PM.png
Screenshot 2022-08-12 at 1.16.35 PM
Piz of workshop art tech Substainabilty 8
Piz of workshop art tech Substainabilty 7
Piz of workshop art tech Substainabilty 5
Piz of workshop art tech Substainabilty 4

Presentation Ceremony of NEXX Social Leader Awards 2020

NEXX Social Leader Award aims to recognise the contributions and dedication from the outstanding leaders of corporate/organisations and individuals in different sectors who are creating a SMART and SUSTAINABLE Community through Social Innovation, Creativity, Design Thinking, Shared Value and Technology Innovation.
We are honoured to have the support form Mr Wong kam-sing, Secretary of The Environment at the ceremony on 16 March, 2021. He was the keynote and award presenter of our 2nd edition NEXXINSPIRE Social Leader Awards which aims to recognise the dedication and contribution to create a Sustainable community through Social Innovation. 
Winners of NEXXINSPIRE Social Leader Awards 2020 (Corporate/Organisation) :
Chicks  (雞仔嘜), Culture Homes, Eaton HK, Eco Marine, HGC Global Communications, Lee Kum Kee, Nature Discovery Park, Ocean Park, Slowood

Winners of NEXXINSPIRE Social Leader Awards 2020 (Individuals) :

Keilem Ng, Co-founder, Eco Marine

And, thanks for the venue partner : Eation hK and disinfection partner : SoftBank Robotics

螢幕截圖 2020-11-16 下午10.28.39.png

NEXXZERO (Formerly known as NEXXINSPIRE) is a new initiative of NEXX Innovation Alliance (NEXX). NEXX Social Innovation Award aims to inspire students connecting our community through creative ideas and technology innovation. They would be encouraged to make use of their creative ideas to solve social issues for creating a Smart and Sustainable Community. Students can also gain different knowledge in the latest technologies in terms of STEAM & Design Thinking supported by our mentors & guest speakers through a series of workshops and site visits.

螢幕截圖 2020-05-20 下午4.33.53.png
螢幕截圖 2021-01-07 下午3.41.56.png
NEXXINSPIRE Social Leader Awards 2020
NEXXINSPIRE Social Leader Award seeks to honor exceptional leaders from various sectors, including corporate organizations and individuals, for their significant contributions and unwavering commitment to building a smart and sustainable community through the application of social innovation, creativity, design thinking, shared value, and technological innovation. The award aims to recognize those who are driving positive change and making a meaningful impact towards creating a better future for all.
Winners of NEXXINSPIRE Social Leader Awards 2020 (Corporate/Organisation) :

Chicks  (雞仔嘜)

Culture Homes

Eaton HK

Eco Marine

HGC Global Communications

Lee Kum Kee

Nature Discovery Park

Ocean Park


Winners of NEXXINSPIRE Social Leader Awards 2020 (Individuals) :

Keilem Ng, Co-founder, Eco Marine

Judging Panel in 2020 :


Alice So

Head of Entrepreneurship, Cyberport

ATung Lee

GM - IT, Asiaray Media Group

Deric Wong

CEO, Omnicom Media Group

Leo Lee

Managing Partner. Benington Capital and President (2017 -2018), ACCA Global

Lui Tong

Director, Direct to Customer, Swire Coca-Cola

Ronald Wong

Business Director, Very Large Enterprises, Central Asia Pacific Region, Lenovo

Ryan Chan

Sales Director, SoftBank Robotics

Mann Yim

Chairman of Committee, NEXXINSPIRE

Vanessa Ko
Head of Presales & Customer Success,
SAP Hong Kong & Macau


Judging Criteria :

Corporate's Philosophy and Commitment of Sustainability

Benefitting Community through Engagement

Promoting Education of Sustainability to the Community and Cultivation for New Generation

Achievements and/or Innovation of Sustainability, Environmental Protection and/or Conservation in Daily Business Operation/New Product Development

NEXXINSPIRE Social Leader Awards 2019
Presentation ceremony was held at DesignInspire organzied by HKTDC at HKCEC, 5 Dec 2019
Winners of Corporate and Organisations (2019) :

Asia Art Hong Kong
HTC Hong Kong
Lenovo Hong Kong
Eagle Group Holdings
Omnicom Media Group
S.F. Express (Hong Hong)
Swire Coca Cola
Stan Group

Winners of Individuals (2019):

Eddy Hui
Honorary Secretary, Hong Kong Design Association 
Alexandra Lo
Head of Digital & Consumer Engagement of Nestle Hong Kong
NEXXINSPIRE Social Innovation Awards
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 Supporting Organisations 

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Logo of The best practice of eCommerce a
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Logo of Great Eagle Holdings Limited Log
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Logo of HTC.png
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Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 12.50.24
Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 8.49.35 pm.png
SIA schedule 130120.jpeg
NEXXINSPIRE Kick-off KV 281119.jpg


NEXXINSPIRE would collaborate with DESIGNINSPIRE which is an international expo and  organized by HKTDC this year. Tours would be arranged for students to DESIGNINSPIRE 5 to 7 Dec.

Details of DesignInspire :


Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 2.12.46 pm.png
Designinspire booths.jpg


We would also collaborate with our partners for different topics of workshops to students.  e.g. We would arrange to experience the latest VR technology and applications at HTC VIVE VR Lab in Jan, 2020

SIA Worksop 130120.jpeg


Besides the Social Innovation Awards for students, NEXXINSPIRE would also hold a ceremony of NEXXINSPIRE Social Leader Awards 2019 partnering with HKTDC this year. The awards aims to recognise the contributions and dedication from the outstanding leaders of corporate/organisations and individuals in different sectors who are promoting  and supporting Social Innovation through Creativity, Design Thinking, Shared Value and Technology Innovation for creating a SMART and SUSTAINABLE Community.

The Awards ceremony would be held at DESIGNISPIRE organised by HKTDC at HKCEC  on 5 Dec, 6pm to 7pm.


More to come

Eligibility & Judging Criteria

Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 1.49.15 pm.png
Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 12.02.58

NEXX Background

Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 12.06.38
Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 12.07.01
NEXX Advisors 1 261119.png
NEXX advisor 2 261119.png
Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 12.07.17
Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 12.07.28

Our Judges

PIC Mann Yim.png
 Mann Yim 
PIC Akina Ho.png
 Akina Ho 
Digital Transformation & 
Great Eagle Holdings Company
PIC Deric Wong.png
 Deric Wong 
Omnicom Group
PIC Jennifer Tam.png
 Jennifer Tam 
Director of Marketing
PIC Lui  Tong.png
 Lui Tong 
Direct to Customer
Swire Coca Cola
Hong Kong
PIC Michelle Chan.png
 Michelle Chan 
Alternative Distribution
FWD Insurance 
PIC Ronald Wong.png
 Ronald Wong 
General Manager
Hong Kong & Macau
PIC Tony Tsang.png
 Tony Tsang 
PIC Wincy Chan.png
 Wincy Chan 
IOT Enablement
Timezone Lead, Asia
PIC Terence.png
 Terence Leung 
Senior Manager
E-Sports & Youth Team
PIC Brucemong.png
 Brucemond Chan 
Assoc Marketing Director
PIC Candice Lee.png
 Candice Lee 
Founding Founder
Asia Art Hong Kong
PIC Jess Mak.png
 Jess Mak 
General Manager
HK, Macau & Singapore
PIC Leo Lee.png
 Leo Lee 
Past President
ACCA Global
PIC Rachel Yip.png
 Rachel Ip 
Dept. of Creative Arts
The Open University
of Hong Kong 
PIC Stephen Wong.png
 Stephen Wong 
PIC Vanessa Ko.png
 Vanessa Ko 
Head of Pre-Sales 
SAP Hong Kong
PIC Alexxandra Lo.png
 Alexandra Lo 
Digital & Consumer
Engagement Lead 
Wyeth Hong Kong
PIC Eddy Hui.png
 Eddy Hui 
Honorary Secretary
Hong Kong Designers Association 


PIC Chun Yiu.png
 Chun Yiu 
CY Photography
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