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Smart City Awards

Smart Mobility & Logistics


This award recognizes companies providing innovative smart mobility & logistics solutions that contribute to sustainability in cities and communities. The award promotes advancements in reducing emissions, optimizing transportation systems and improving quality of life through smart mobility services. Companies will be evaluated based on measurable environmental and social impact, integration of solutions and sustainability practices in business operations. 

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Smart Transit

1. Smart Transit - For innovations in public and shared transportation systems including real-time transit data, smart routing, integrated ticketing, etc.


Demand Management

2. Demand Management - For companies leveraging pricing, access control and data analytics to reduce traffic congestion and environmental impact


Smart Parking & Curb Management

3. Smart Parking & Curb Management - For innovations in connected parking spots, dynamic pricing, curb usage sensors, etc. optimizing road space and reducing circling for parking


New Mobility Platforms

4. New Mobility Platforms - For mobility aggregators, brokers and software platforms enabling multi-modal transport and integrated journey planning


Inclusive Mobility

5. Inclusive Mobility - For companies expanding access to affordable, optimized mobility options for disabled, elderly and disadvantaged groups


Electric & Autonomous Vehicles

6. Electric & Autonomous Vehicles - For companies providing connected and automated EV charging solutions, autonomous shuttle services and mobility platforms incorporating self-driving or electric vehicles or alternative renewable energy powered vehicles. Judging criteria would focus on increasing adoption of EVs, optimizing charging and vehicle usage, and sustainability benefits of autonomous vehicles including fewer traffic accidents and reduced need for parking lots.


Intelligent Transport & Logistics Systems

7. Intelligent Transport & Logistics Systems - For companies leveraging IoT sensors, AI and smart infrastructure to improve traffic monitoring, dynamic traffic management, accident and emergency response. Winning solutions would demonstrate enhanced road safety, reduced congestion and optimized traffic flow leading to lower emissions and more efficient mobility.


Data & Analytics Platforms

8. Data & Analytics Platforms - For companies collecting and analyzing data from public and private mobility sources to gain insights enabling improvements to transport planning, infrastructure projects, policy development and mobility services.

Applicant only selects at least one of the items above to submit.
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Judging criteria

1.Environmental Impact (25 points) - Measurable reductions in fuel usage, emissions, traffic and optimizing road space.

2. Social Impact (20 points) - Improved access, experience and affordability of mobility options for all user groups including disadvantaged communities. 

3. Integration & Partnerships (15 points) - Integrates own solutions with transit networks and 3rd party mobility services via open APIs and data sharing to enable seamless multi-modal journeys.

4. Innovation (15 points) - Incorporates new technologies, software, business models or practices that significantly improve the sustainability impact of mobility systems. 

5. Growth & Leadership (15 points) - Demonstrates ambition and initiative to scale solutions, lead the industry and advance more sustainable and inclusive smart mobility overall.

Application submission starts on 30 Oct, 2023


-   Application deadline : 15 Dec, 2023


-   Judging period : Early Jan, 2024

Past award ceremony of 2019 (at HKCEC)
and 2020 (at Eaton Hotel)

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