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NEXX Gen AI Student Social Challenge 2024
NEXX Gen AI Student Social Challenge 2024 (part of NEXX Smart City - Innovation for Sustainability) aims to disseminate the message of technology innovation for sustainable development and to nurture students to become innovators and master the emerging technologies of Gen AI.

Through interactive activities including Gen AI workshops, the challenge aims to enable students to propose innovative ideas (environmental and social) and promote the sustainable development of Hong Kong’s smart city.

After the award ceremony, the demo day provides a platform for outstanding students to present their innovative ideas to the public. At the same time, we will provide them with pilot opportunities through cooperation with relevant public institutions and business partners.
Prizes for Secondary School and Tertiary Student Divisons

(One Champion, one First Runner-up and one Second Runner-up in Secondary School and Tertiary Student Division)

HK$3,000 and certificate

First Runner-up
HK$2,000 and certificate

Second Runner-up
HK$1000 and certificate

In addition, Certificate of Appreciation will be awarded to the outstanding teams.

Follow-up Business Partnership Programme

Through the Education-Business Collaboration Follow-up Programme, the winning and outstanding teams will be given the opportunity to work with our business partners on real business cases. This unique experience allows them to further refine and implement their innovative solutions in a real-world setting, gaining practical insights and exposure to take their ideas to a higher level of impact and market readiness.
Students are challenged in two theme categories:

Theme for Secondary Students:

- Promote Nature Ecosystem Conservation Education in Hong Kong through Innovation In Sustainable Tourism 

Theme for Tertiary Students:

- Generate Community Vitality Through Art & Cultural Promotion and Space Activation 

Date  & Description

24 April                 
Launch of "NEXX Gen AI Student Social Innovation Challenge 2024

April to June         
Gen AI workshops for the public held at URA's sites 
Gen AI workshops for Secondary and Tertiary students at campuses
10 May                 
Briefing on the Challenge and start accepting proposals (tbc)

7 July                   
Deadline for submission of challenge proposals (updated)

Judging Day cum Prize Presentation Ceremony at CityU/ URA's site (tbc) 

Demo Day - The outstanding students' works will be showcased at Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum (DELF),, at Cyberport                                   

For enquiry about the Challenge, please email to
Judging Panel
Ken Or Tam Jai int'l.png
Ken Or
Director - Corporate Strategy
Tam Jai Int'l
Jeff Chau cir pic.png
Jeff Chau
Partner - Consulting
Tania Lau Pic cir.png
Tania Lau
VP, Head of 
Brands and Communications


Simon lee ARTSI circle pic.png
Simon Lee
Senior Director
FinTech, ProTech & ArtTech

Terence Leung
Senior Maanger
Victor Wong, cir pic.png
Victor Wong
Digital Artist
Wallace Lam HD cir.png
Dr. Wallace Lam
Director - Strategic Development
Hong Kong Design Centre
cir  Michelle Leung wo bg.png
Michelle Leung
Managing Partner
Vania Mak
Assistant Discovery & Education Director
Ocean Park
Vania Mak OP pic upscaled cir.png
upscaled New hair Mann Yim profile pic .png
Mann Yim
Alvin Yip Smasung cir.png
Alvin Yip
Senior Manager
Samsung Electronics
Akin Vong
Digital Artist
Judging Criteria:

Creativity (20%)

Gen AI Technology Application (25%)

Impact on the sustainability of the theme of the cluster (Promoting conservation education of the ecosystems of Hong Kong / Enhancing community vibrancy) (20%)

Programme feasibility (15)

Presentation quality - e.g. clarity and organisation (20%)
Submission Arrangements :.

The proposal submission process for the NEXX 2024 Gen AI Student Social Innovation Challenge is outlined below:

1. participants should submit their proposals on or before the deadline of 7 July 2024

2. Each team (1 - 3 members) must submit a PDF proposal via email or the online submission form on the official event page on or before the deadline.

3. The PDF proposal (with pictures/charts/videos) must include the following:

- Project name (one of the above theme categories)

- Name of School

- Name of team member(s) and primary contact information (phone and email)

- Proposal Summary (300 words maximum)

- A brief description of the Gen AI tool (e.g., Adobe Firefly, Midjourney, Runway, Leonadro AI) that will be used in the proposal, and the process for creating and using it.

4. if a video accompanies the proposal, it should be no longer than 1 minute in length

Submitted via a shareable online storage link (e.g. Google Cloud Drive) and accompanied by a PDF proposal file.


Proposals will be evaluated by a panel of judges from the industry and academia. Finalists will be notified and invited to attend a judging day. 

For enquiry, please email to
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