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NEXX, a non-profit ecosystem and  platform of tech innovation, aims to transform Hong Kong into a hub for technology and innovation by building an ecosystem in Asia. With the partnerships and collaborations, we connect Government, industry, corporations, research and academic institutions, visionary startups and communities to advance socially-impactful new technologies and drive progress in key sectors of the digital economy.
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Digital Entertainment Leader Forum 2023 (DELF)
Cyberport (25 - 27 Aug)
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NEXX's ecosystem connecting stakeholders from government, industry, corporations, startups, , research and academic institutions to exchange knowledge on opportunities, challenges, and best practices for implementing and scaling new technologies to benefit businesses and communities. All initiatives promote productive collaboration and ideation on policy frameworks, pilot programs, education, job market transitions and other areas critical to maximizing the potential benefits of technological change in commerce.

NEXX seeks to catalyze sustainable and inclusive economic growth through ethical technology adoption. Powered by cross-sector cooperation, all initiatives aim to shape a future for commerce that is enriched by technology, supportive of social aims like affordability and access, and aligned with smart city goals around livability, mobility and regenerativity. By facilitating partnership, open dialogue and responsible progress, NEXX can drive change in how we envision and engage in trade for the benefit of all communities.

Nine core initiatives :

1. NEXXCOMMERCE - eCommerce and Digital Commerce

2. NEXXFINTECH - Fintech, Digital Finance and Blockchain

3. NEXXASSETS - Digital Assets, Web 3 and Decentralised Economy

4. NEXXCREATE - Art and Culture Tech

5. NEXXAI - AI and Big Data 

6. NEXXINSPIRE - Sustainability and Green Growth

7. NEXXWAVVE - Talent Development and EdTech 

8. NEXXZPACE - Smart Cities for Smart Living 

9. ULTRAGBA - Opportunities in the Greater Bay Area
Past Events
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New technologies are enhancing human life in extraordinary ways. Artificial intelligence promises intelligent assistants that learn our needs and habits to help maximize productivity, health and happiness. Precision medicine leverages genetic data for tailored diagnosis and treatment. Virtual and augmented reality immerse us in creative worlds, enable new modes of collaboration and could reduce transportation needs. Renewable energy and battery innovations provide sustainable, low-cost power to improve standards of living. Robotics and automation take over dangerous jobs and routine tasks, freeing up humans for more meaningful work. When guided by compassion and ethics, advances in science and technology will help resolve humanity's greatest challenges around health, education, equity, and prosperity, enabling a higher quality of life for all. 

Upcoming Events
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Central Market , 20 Sept
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Advisory Board
NEXX benefits from the counsel of diverse advisors drawn from various industries and fields of expertise. By leveraging their wide-ranging experience and perspectives, our advisors contribute valuable insight to inform the organization's strategic development and future direction.
By contributing their wisdom and vision, NEXX advisors help steer the organization to accelerate progress and maximize impact through targeted, forward-looking initiatives.
Hononary Advisors
Leo Lee cir.png
Leo Lee
ACCA Global
Nick Chan cir.png
Nick Chan, MH, JP
Committee on Innovation, Technology and Industry Development
ITVF Advisory Committee
Anges  Tse cir.png
Agnes Tse
Ex-Senior Director – Marketing and Client Development Management
BCT Group
Alvin Wong HGC cir .png
Alvin Wong
Chief Operating Officer 
ICT Business, Solutions and Product

HGC Group
Emil Chan cir pic.png
Emil Chan
The Association of Cloud and Mobile Computing Professionals (ACMCP)
Irene Lee.png
Irene Lee
Head of Retail, Fintech and Private Wealth Management Compliance
Huatai Financial Holdings (HK)
Leslie Chen pic cir.png
Prof. Leslie Chen JP
Ex-Dean Faculty of Design and Environment 
Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi)
Alice Yip KPMG cir pic.png
Alice Yip
Partner , Head of Private Enterprise & Head of Audit – Consumer & Retail
Anita Chau cir pic.png
Anita Chau
Director – Ecosystem Development
Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park
Francis Ngai cir.png
Francis Ngai
Ex-General Manager
IBM Hong Kong
June Leung cir.png
June Leung
Founder and Chairperson
Beacon Group
Michael Yung cir.png
Michael Yung
Senior Strategic Advisor
Google Cloud
Alan Chan cir.png
Alan Chan
General Manager
Adobe Hong Kong
Angie Chung cir wo bg.png
Angie Chung
General Manager
Central Market
Chinachem Group
Henry Yu cir.png
Henry Yu
Chief Compliance Officer
Airstar Bank
Keilem Ng Cir.png
Keilem Ng
General Manager - Sustainability
Michael Wong CityU EMBA.png
Prof. Michael Wong
Director - EMBA
City University of Hong Kong
cir  Michelle Leung wo bg.png
Michelle Leung
Managing Director
Accenture Greater China
Perkins Ho cir.png
Perkins Ho
Ex- Lead of Startup Business Development, Hong Kong and Taiwan 
Ex-Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Natalie Chan Deloitte HD cir.png
Natalie Chan
Partner, Audit & Assurance, Financial Services Industry
Deloitte China
Simon lee ARTSI circle pic.png
Simon Lee
Director of Client development in FinTech, PropTech & Art-Tech
Paul Lee cir.png
Paul Lee
General Manager
Oracle NetSuite
Samuel Hu HKBN cir.png
Samuel Hui
Chief Strategy Officer -  Enterprise Solutions
Hong Kong Boardband Network
Terry Lu FB cir.png
Terry lu

Wallace Lam HD cir.png
Dr. Wallace Lam
Ex-IVE Kwun Tong and
Director, Hong Kong Design Centre

William Chan cir.png
William Chan
GM, Customer Innovation
Hang Lung Properties

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