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NEXX (NEXX Innovation Alliance), a non-profit organisation (ecosystem and  platform) of tech innovation, aims to transform Hong Kong into a hub for technology and innovation by building an ecosystem in Asia. With the partnerships and collaborations, we connect Government, industry, corporations, research and academic institutions, visionary startups and communities to advance socially-impactful new technologies and drive progress in key sectors of the digital economy.
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NEXX Art Tech booth at Digital Entertainment Leader Forum 2023 (DELF), Cyberport (25 - 27 Aug)
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NEXX's ecosystem connecting stakeholders from government, industry, corporations, startups, , research and academic institutions to exchange knowledge on opportunities, challenges, and best practices for implementing and scaling new technologies to benefit businesses and communities. All initiatives promote productive collaboration and ideation on policy frameworks, pilot programs, education, job market transitions and other areas critical to maximizing the potential benefits of technological change in commerce.

NEXX seeks to catalyze sustainable and inclusive economic growth through ethical technology adoption. Powered by cross-sector cooperation, all initiatives aim to shape a future for commerce that is enriched by technology, supportive of social aims like affordability and access, and aligned with smart city goals around livability, mobility and regenerativity. By facilitating partnership, open dialogue and responsible progress, NEXX can drive change in how we envision and engage in trade for the benefit of all communities.

Nine core initiatives :

1. NEXXCOMMERCE - eCommerce and Digital Commerce and Asia's Best E-Tailing Awards

2. NEXXFINTECH - Fintech, Green Finance, Digital Payment, RegTech, Cyber Security and Blockchain

3. NEXXASSETS - Digital Assets, Web 3,  Cyber S
ecurity, IP and Decentralised Economy

4. NEXXCREATE - Art, Culture & Entertainment Tech

5. NEXXAI -  AI, Big Data and Robotics 

6. NEXXZERO- Sustainability, ESG, Circular Economy and Green Growth

7. NEXXWAVVE - Talent Development and EdTech 

8. NEXXZPACE - Smart Cities for Smart Living & Workplace, PropTech and Smart Mobility 

9. ULTRAGBA - Opportunities in the Greater Bay Area

10. NEXXSOCIAL - Social Impact fostering positive change to the community

EdTech inivitative  to promote new technologies e.g. ArtTech, Gen AI, Big Data, Cloud Technology, Cyber Security
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NEXX Kick-off ceremony 2023 and panel discussions at AWS's office
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NEXX 2023  Uniting Sustainability & Innovation
Central Market, 18 -19 Sept, 2023

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Highlights of Past Events
Purple Podiums
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Central Market , 20 Sept
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20 September, 2023
Event space, Central Market, Central